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Stampede City Sessions

Calgery, Alberta, Canada

During ACL weekend in Austin we had the good forune of meeting the group from Canada who produces Stampede City Sessions, a live music performance TV show. Lorne and Candace Webber sat with all of the members of the band for interviews and a behind-the-scenes look at Tish and the Mizzbehavin' Band. They hung out with us for two nights. We all had a great experience. 

Richard Lopez,Eagle Pass News

Lucky Eagle Casino customers were treated to a stellar performance at the Que Pasa Bar by Tish and The Mizzbehavin' Band Friday night Sept. 27th.


The Rhythm and Blues (R&B) band rocked the place with songs like Wilson Pickett's "Mustang Sally", Stevie Wonder's "Signed Sealed Delivered", as well as "Superstition" by Stevie Wonder. The repertoire included greats like Aretha Franklin's "Chain of Fools" and "Respect". Other goodies consisted of "Clean Up Woman" by Betty Wright and Stevie Ray Vaughan's "Pride and Joy" and "Can't Turn You Loose" by Otis Redding.


The two and a half hour presentation was packaged with many other memory filled "oldies but goodies" and her own delightful compositions.


Tish brought with her a unique New York-Bronx charm and an unmistakable Austin 6th St.flavor. She electrified the crowd. Her energy vibrated throughout her exquisite performance. Her off stage, soft spoken, easy going personality transforms when she steps onto the stage. She is one dynamic performing artist. She is a singer-performer there to delight the audience. It was unforgetable.


Brandon, her lead guitarist, excelled in his supportive role. The crowd got into his rendition and he delivered. The rest of the band included Josh on electric bass and Tish's personal friend, Mario Craft, on drums. The band as a whole did a marvelous job. It was quite an enjoyable night.


Folk's, if you haven't been to the Friday night performances at the Lucky Eagle Casino's Que Pasa Bar, you are missing out on some excellent Austin 6th Street style music.


Hopefully, we'll get to see Tish and her band again.






Whether she's growling her way through "Sweet Home Chicago" or

soulfully swaying to "Stormy Monday," Tish Eubanks is a dynamo

in stiletto heels. Her voice is strong and soulful and her stage presence

is polished and electrifying. Fronting her band, Mizzbehavin,

Eubanks is a charismatic live performer. Going all out at every

show, Eubanks covers every inch of the stage as she goes from one

classic song to another but all done with the Mizzbehavin signature.

"Even though I have a raspy sound to my voice I still like to do things

a little smoother, a little more groove, like old school stuff. You will

hear the artists that have influenced me in most of my songs, artists

like Koko Taylor, Etta James, Aretha Franklin, Tina Turner and newer

blues artist Susan Tedeschi," Eubanks said.


Tish Lancaster-Eubanks, born and raised in New York, calls herself a projects girl.

She was one of the first kids in the Scared Straight Project  the

program that took groups of troubled teens to maximum security

prisons, and literally allowed the inmates to scare them straight.

"It scared me right out of New York, man. I ended up in Texas, did

the college thing and now I work in medicine as a Nurse, during the day, at

Texoma Medical Center, running the laboratory for outpatients,"

Eubanks said. "It's weird. I had a patient one day, in the operating

room, who just saw me on Saturday night. He said "Hey, I just saw

you performing at your show, and now your sticking IVs."


One mission Eubanks has been on for the past few years is trying to

find one particular Denison lady, Marie Kemp. "I hope she is here

somewhere in Denison. I have tried to find her and can't. She was the

lady who taught me how to be a lady. She was a nurse instructor at

Job Corps in McKinney 25 years ago. When I graduated, she started

to cry when she told me she knew I would be okay. We're talking a

gang banger, scars every where, a mess. She sat me down

and the first thing she taught me was who God was, I had no idea.

Then she taught me how to be a young lady and to like myself. I would

love to find her so she can see what I have become, because she never

got to see that."

   Soul In Stiletto Heels 

Author(s): Ken Studer Herald Democrat


Author(s): Ken Studer

Herald Democrat

Sherman & Denison Tx



It wasn't that long ago that Tish Lancaster and MizzBehavin' were steady guests at all of the clubs in the Texoma area. Fans packed in for the shows, knowing they were going to hear great music and see an in-your-face show of R&B, blues and good time rock 'n' roll, along with Tish strutting across stage in her trademarked stiletto




When Tish picked up and moved to Austin we all felt that

ripple in

the Texoma music world. It turned out to be the best move she ever made, because she has now jumped to the next level in her music career. Tish is now represented by Brian Conway at MixTank Studios in Austin. She will be heading into the studio with her new MizzBehavin' band,

Johnathan Rash, Ryan Johnson and Aaron Elias in the next


few months.

In order for Lancaster to follow her dreams, she was forced to leave her friends and first love behind and relocate in Austin. She quickly began attending local blues jams on historic 6th Street. During this time she had the opportunity to play with the likes of Buddy Miles, Pinetop Perkins, Aaron Neville, Eric Tessmer Band and Jo Hell and the Red Roosters.

In a phone interview, Lancaster said she is coming back to the area for a visit and will be playing Fat Daddy's Friday and Saturday, Jan.19-20.


"I want to tell everyone back home that blues is my business

and business is good. I want to give all my friends back there a

big hug and a lot of love for each of them. I also want to send a shout out to the original MizzBehavin' band, who encouraged me to make the move. I can't wait to hit the stage," said Lancaster.

See Tish and MizzBehavin' at Fat Daddy's Friday and Saturday,19 and 20..

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